Sprouts Teaching Team Homepage

Thanks for being part of the Sprouts Nursery teaching team!   In Sprouts, our goal is to provide a safe, fun and loving environment for the littlest members of our church so that their parents can worship and grow during the adult service.  We help kids get used to coming to church.  As the kids in the nursery get older, we also have the goal of helping the kids learn our three basic truths:
  • God Made Me
  • God Loves Me
  • Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever
If you have questions, you can contact Michelle Turner - Director of Early Childhood Ministries - michelle@essexalliance.org or 878-8213 x125

Teaching Plans

March 2019

Date Week Small Group Leader Guide Notes
March 3  1  Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 1  Story: Wonderfully Made
March 10 2   Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 2   Story: Made in God’s Image
March 17  3  Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 3  Story: You Are Important to God
March 24   4 Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 4     Story: Respect Myself
March 31   5 Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 5    Story: Respect Others

April 2019

Date Week Small Group Leader Guide Notes
April 7 1  Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 1 Story: Washing Feet
April 14 2   Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 2   Story: Palm Sunday
April 21 3 Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 3  Easter Weekend!
April 28  4  Sprouts Lesson Plans Week 4   Story: Breakfast with Jesus